How’s it going?
Good thanks. How about you?

Whose welcome?
Everyone. Most of us are academics, (either in the midst of a degree program or right after it), that came to Ziv via learning program or different Jewish identity within universities or collages.  Other than learning in Ziv, some of us have free trades, artistic and therapeutic. The ages vary, but for the most part 25 – 35. But really, anyone is welcomes to come and visit Ziv and be impressed. There is a place for everyone, no prejudice, in Midreshet Ziv anyone is capable of accepting and benefit almost everyone.

 What do you do there?
We study Torah. During the day, we study Gomorrah. But other things as well. During lunch and evenings, we sleep, play the guitar and have fun!

Gomorrah is boring. Can I study Zohar?

Of course bro. There is no enforcement. In the mornings right now for example you will find lessons about Agadata, Book of Mishlai and on the Tanya. In the Chavruta people study almost anything you can think of. But in the mornings and the afternoon most are busy together studying Gomorrah and you might be surprised how fascinating it can be when you study together, in a healthy and correct approach.

 Are you Dosim?
We consist of all kinds. The common denominator is that we all want to learn, and develop our spiritual, intellectual and cultural level of Judaism.  We have Dosim that are in-between themselves. But none of us is a Dos towards another. You feel me?

I don’t want to do Teshuva. What will you do to me? 

Believe me, I didn’t either. One day it just hammers you on the head and it’s a heavy blow, and that is it, you feel stuck. But listen, we have quite a few wonderful fellas that are successfully attending years already and it doesn’t even bother their spiritual bone. Not in the slightest. They do enjoy the learning to enrich their minds and deepen their Jewish identity. And we fully accept them how they are and no one is bothering them.

But I’m a student and working and taking care of 3 cats. When I’m I going to find time to come and learn?

Come to one hour, once a week. There are those that come once a week for their dose and it’s their fix for the whole week. Others on the other hand, give it a taste and discover that they have more time and willingness for much more.

But I’m married. Or single. Or both.

It’s totally fine. Ask your wife’s or mom’s permission nicely and come sit with us a little.

I’m a woman. What can I do?

It’s completely legitimate. Meanwhile, until the next gender revolution Ziv is for men only. There is talk of opening a Midreshet Ziva, but until then you are welcome to contact the email below, and our well-connected people will do their best to help you find the place of learning that is right for you.

Is there anything to eat there?
For breakfast and dinner there is a fridge and pans, ready for self-service. The talented ones are successful at creating fancy dishes. The lunch is superb! Comes from a catering company that is to die for. At the same time, there is another group in the nearby lunch room, that Farbrengens intensively during the healthy meal. Veggies, Veggies and some more veggies, there’s also fish and homemade whole wheat delicious bread.   If you want, feel free to join, just consider this, everybody preps together and washes dishes together.

Where do you sleep? Probably crumpleddorms with roaches and one shower for like 40 people?

Get out of the movie you are in my friend. Whoever comes to a permeant learning schedule for at least half a day, gets to sleep in one of the most gorgeous apartments that are rented close to Midreshet Ziv in Rahavia and Nahalot.

 Do you only study or you also get to have fun?

You have fun while you study. And afterwards as well. There are Shabaton’s and trips. Every Thursday there is Cholent, a Torah class by a guest lecturer, usually about deeper topics. Guitars and singing. And don’t even get me started about the Shabbos.

 I like it! Who should I talk to?

You are welcome to fill the details below and we will contact you.